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Jalis bv – Wielewaalstraat 1 – 8432 Leffinge – Belgium 
VAT : BE0687.503.534

All our prices include 21 VAT and including shipping costs unless otherwise stated.

Orders and payments

Payment can be chosen from options via Mollie.
Any inaccuracies in the invoicing must be reported directly to Jalis bvba by the customer, for example, so that we can correct the amount.


We supply (for the time being) exclusively in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France. Shipping fees are listed with the purchase, but shipping is usually free. In terms of timing, it’s usually a 3 day wait until we ship out the finished product. Most of our partners are in Europe, such as Germany, Latvia and the UK. Depending on the courier services, it is best to keep in mind that shipping takes a week. We do everything we can to get all orders to you as quickly as possible, but in times of Covid19 this is not always obvious 🙂 and we notice that deliveries can be up to 5-20 extra days. In exceptional cases, we have a backup site in U.S. from which it is shipped. We avoid this, but in exceptional times of Covid19 we too sometimes have to fall back on this. 

Right to refrain from purchasing   the goods
The consumer has the right to inform the seller that he is refraining from his purchase, without paying a fine and without specifying a motive within the 14 calendar days from the day following the order.
The buyer shall serve the product in original condition, unused, undamaged, with all original labels within14 calendar days  return original packaging to the seller. 

The seller undertakes to repay the purchase amount of the product (excluding shipping) paid by the buyer within 30 days of receipt of the   product in a bank account number paid by the   buyer.
In the case of incorrect return in accordance with the foregoing, the seller will not   be required to pay any amount and the product will remain the property of the   buyer. It can then retrieve it from the seller within 14 days or at   the buyer’s explicit request and be returned to the buyer at his   expense.
The risk of returning the product as well as the cost of   returning are borne solely by the buyer.

We try to describe and clarify the items offered as accurately as possible   by means of photographs.
If typos occur (material errors, miss layers),   this is based on a human, involuntary error and no rights can be   derived from it.
Colors in the photos can also differ slightly from the real colors. Settings and quality of your display can have an impact on   this, as well as the light.

If you hesitate about a particular product or would like further information, you can always contact us   for more information.
We also reserve the right to adjust our prices.

We also make every effort to check our products as closely as possible   for any errors or defects.
If any defects were to arise from the items   offered on our website, we are not liable for this.
We ask you to address the manufacturer. Please   also inform us so that we can also check the products   extra.
We make every effort to prevent, remedy and resolve any   complaints.

We cannot be held liable for injuries or   damages arising from the use of our products.


Jalis, for example, cannot be considered responsible for the   damage, theft or loss of goods during shipment. We do everything we can to package the goods as well and safely as   possible. 

As imposed by the legal provisions, our products also have   a legal guarantee.
If a product does not comply with the agreement, the buyer must inform the seller within 7 days of   delivery.

Any compensation for this may never exceed the  billed/paid amount to the buyer. Usual or normal   wear and tear, unintentional or intentional changes inflicted by the      buyer to the product, the failure to submit an invoice or proof of   payment and various omissions are explicit but   therefore not restrictive exceptions to the aforementioned guarantee   system.

The data of our customers is very important to us and we also make every effort to be compliant with the GDPR.

However, we work with some processors and this list can be requested at any time. A few examples are the accountant, Mollie as payment partner and Easyhost/Combell as a server provider.

As well as is the possibility to exercise your rights as a person concerned by contacting us at the general addresses. If you have any further questions around here, please contact us or visit our page around privacy.

No data or photos of our site may be copied or used   without our explicit consent

We do not produce our products in-house and work with a supplier for this purpose.

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